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Oddly enough, you can redeem SHiFT codes for items you can't obtain. For example: the skins, heads, and class mods for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep can't be unlocked, as the DLC for them is unavailable. The codes still work, though, so they might do something if the DLC gets released at a later date.

Poker Night 2. ESRB. M (Mature); Simulated Gambling; Strong Language; Suggestive Themes; Use of Tobacco; Violence. Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars from 4172 ... "Buy-able" customization items for Gibbed Save Editor | XPG Gaming ... Sep 19, 2013 ... Borderlands Series escort, "Buy-able" customization items for Gibbed Save ... These are the items from the Loot Chest ($100) PokerNight 2 (Have to buy the game and earn it) and Community Day. ... Mechromancer Head: Cross-Saving Between Systems With Borderlands: The Handsome ...

Oct 26, 2013 · Se7enSins Gaming Community. Are there codes for "one time events" heads/skins? Discussion in 'Borderlands 2 Modding Support' started by Fede300, Oct 26, 2013 with 7 replies and 10,167 views. Fede300 Newbie. ... Loot Chest 2 and Poker Night 2 codes here:

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Master Head and Skin list - Google Docs Borderlands 2 Skins and Heads, `. 10 .... Hippity Hoppity, N/A, Won, won through Telltale Game's 'Poker Night' ... The Beast Within, Wayfarer Wizard, MY EARS ARE RINGING, DLC # 4, Shift codes released one a day from 08/13-08/18 2013. Looking for a Code for these heads... | Se7enSins Gaming ... The Poker Night 2 heads that you had to play that game to get the heads or skins if anyone can get me these heads Looking for a Code for these heads Borderlands 2 Poker Night 2 Skins Codes -

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